Fundraising Coupons and Discount Cards


Discount Cards

Discount cards are one of the most popular fundraisers in the market. At NAFPro your Fundraising Professionals provide a high quality product, built and made for you with your logo, your favorite restaurants and attractions and built within your local area. Each card contains multiple discounts on the back. Each discount listed is able to be reused every day until the expiration of the card!
  • Personalize with mascots and schedules
  • 1,2 & 3 keytags are always available
  • All product can be personalized with packaging that can include additional discounts.

Coupon Packs

Coupon packs are another great personalized product containing 12 to 48 individual tickets to local restaurants and businesses. Because these are tear away, one time use coupons we are able to get a better value from the vendors and typically have offers such as:
  • Buy One Get One Free
  • 50% Off the purchase of...
  • $5-$15 OFF the purchase of...
  • And many more!

Fold Out Cards

Fold Out Cards are vendor specific with up to 32 one time use discounts. This product folds up to pocket size so it is easy to sell and carry. Typically sold for $10, Fold Out Cards are a great fundraiser for samller groups that are not in need of personalized product.